B.B.A. in Entrepreneurship is a 3-year undergraduate course in Business Management. Entrepreneurship is the act of being an entrepreneur, the latter being someone one with innovation, and financial and business acumen, transforms innovations into economically beneficial goods/ services.

The programme explores a range of different perspectives on entrepreneurship and the activities undertaken by different entrepreneurs. The long-term purpose of this programme is to help students develop an understanding of attitude and skills to create and implement the new enterprise.

The entrepreneurial skills learnt by the students ensure not only the fundamental understanding of management, but also the confidence to set up businesses and projects with deep industry interaction and social interfacing.

BBA Entrepreneurship & Family Business is a three-year undergraduate programme designed to prepare the students to start their own businesses, run family businesses, and manage new ventures within established organizations.

During this programme, the students are imparted with the knowledge of fundamental management subjects and elective specialized entrepreneurship subjects such as new venture creation; entrepreneurship theory and practices; family business management; creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship etc.

This Program involves a unique and dynamic combination of creativity, innovation, critical-thinking and organization, provided on an interactive platform, by faculty with proven research and academic credentials, which hones the students into becoming competent future entrepreneurs.

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