Bachelor of Business Administration in Computer Applications is an Under-Graduate Computer Application course. The Business Administration course in Computer Applications is also known as Application Software, an application or an ‘app’, which is designed to help the user to perform specific tasks. The Bachelor of Business Administration program in Computer Applications imparts computer skills to the young students of the management community.

BBA Computer Applications is a 3-year full-time undergraduate course that imparts advanced knowledge on a wide range of computer applications so that the students pursuing this course can easily face any kind of challenges and opportunities related to the IT industry. The aim of this course is to produce skilled computer professionals, prepare students to face the diverse challenges and opportunities in the IT industry and build competence in a particular area of business.

The duration of the Business Administration course in Computer Applications on the minimum basis is three years and on maximum, it is eight years. The course may be provided by certain institutes on a correspondence basis as well. The Business Administration course in Computer Applications is career orienting in nature that offers many opportunities after its successful passing.

The subjects may include Programming Principles & Algorithms, Modern Operating Environment & MS Office, etc. For the first semester, the course remains easy. The 2nd semester consists of Computer Application in Statistics and Database Management System etc. Later on, Java Programming and Software Testing subjects are added.

Bright for these graduates. The IT industry has grown over the years and will grow in the upcoming. Due to this, experts in IT are crucial for all functions.

Nothing can be imagined without technology. So, all sectors require IT experts. Their designations may be of Quality Assurance Officer, Web Designer, Web developer, etc. Technical experts are Technical Consultants, Network Analysts, etc.

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