Bachelor of Social Work in correspondence is an undergraduate social work program. The course is practice based therefore, encompassing the understanding of various theories of social work. Bachelor Social work in correspondence basically refers to the various services which are designed to aid and increase the welfare of the poor, needy and the aged.

It also imparts education on the values of social work and consciously applies these in practice. B.A. The Social Work program is beneficial to people who are employed at lower and middle level positions with NGOs and social development agencies, across both private and government sectors.

The average course salary of a BA course graduate or BSW varies with the experience and job position. This valuation depends on the specialisation option of the aspirant, his or her sector of employment, job profile, diligence and dedication at the workplace as well as the seniority and experience of the aspirant.

Social work is a vast discipline, offering numerous job opportunities. They serve individuals, families, and communities. Social Workers work across different areas of employment such as hospitals, clinics, health industry, education sector, human rights agencies, old age homes, disaster management departments.

B.A. in Social Work is a 3-year undergraduate course divided into 6 semesters. The practice-based program encompasses a specialized study of the various theories of social work. Social Work refers to the various services designed to aid and improve the welfare of the poor, aged, and needy. Social work involves education on the values of social work and their conscious application in practice.

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