BA Psychology in correspondence is a 3-year full-time under-graduation program that includes the study of mind and behaviours. It consists of health, human development, personality, social behaviour.

While studying BA Psychology in correspondence , you will learn all about the diversity of human experience.This will help you not take your own world view for granted, and not judge others for being different. You will learn to differentiate between the different personality types, each with its advantages and challenges. This knowledge will help you understand a multitude of perspectives and build up your empathy. Not everyone thinks and feels the same way, and there are countless ways of looking at the world.

Pursuing BA psychology in correspondence Understand the stages of human development
People behave and need different things both mentally and physically depending on where they are in their lives. Your Psychology studies will teach you the main developmental stages and what individuals tend to need at each particular stage. You’ll find out how important children’s early development is and how it influences later life and behaviour.

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