BA in Rural Development is a 3 years undergraduate course. It aims at training the professionals to assist the villagers and help them in improving their life and economic well being.The syllabus in BA in rural development includes concepts like Concept of Development and Growth, scope of Rural Development.

Rural development is a course that provides a structured knowledge on the economy and management of our rural section. Thus, studying this course will help in improving the quality of livelihood of the rural people.

The three year program is divided into 6 semesters. Each year has 2 semesters.The program trains the students to become specialized in the field of prosperity, progress and development in rural areas.It includes subjects like Rural development Programmes in India, Rural Social Structure, Analysis of Population Growth in India, Education in Rural areas etc.

It helps to uplift the lagging rural economy and bring it to space with modern development.The expertise you gain from the curriculum will be used to help people in developed countries all around the world.Your agricultural and economics skills can be extended to a variety of occupations, and finding work should not be difficult.

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