BA in History or Bachelor of History is a 3 years Undergraduate degree course that deals with the 3 major periods, i.e. Ancient, Post Classical and Modern. BA in History is one of the top most studied courses and is taught in several colleges across India. The eligibility criteria for studying BA in History is, students have to clear their Class 12 board examination with minimum 50% aggregate marks from a recognized board.

The course offers eligible candidates the opportunity to explore History on an advanced level as an academic discipline, with insight on how human civilization developed from the ancient times and how advancements happened over time. The curriculum includes a detailed study of the kings who ruled different countries of the world at different times.

B.A.History courses are equipped with a broad range of skills, including critical thinking and writing that can be harnessed in many different careers. Such graduates can serve as teachers, museum curators, and advertising executives to journalists. Popular areas of employment would include Archaeology & Archives, Genealogy, Historical Fiction, Historical Parks, Public Relations, Radio, Research and Restoration, and such.

History is the study of the past. This study would also include learning about humanities and social sciences. Past historical events, practices, cultures, languages, art and many more things are studied too.History is a very vast area of study and consists of different studies, like art history, ancient History, Cultural History, Economic History, Military History, Social History, and world history.

A Bachelor of Arts in this field of study allows students to explore an incredibly diverse range of historical events and the contexts in which they occurred. There is also a great deal of objective analysis involved in such a program, as it is often necessary for historians to consider the source of the information and its inherent accuracy.

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