B.Sc. Statistics

BSc Statistics or Bachelor of Science in Statistics is a 3 year UG course that broadly deals with the areas of Probability and Statistical Methods, Survey Sampling, Numerical Analysis, etc. The course includes lectures, flying and simulation training, assignments etc aimed at offering classroom, and practical training as well.

BSc Statistics is a UG course allowing the students to understand, learn and use knowledge of statistics and mathematics to have a successful career.BSc Statistics emphasises on the areas of Probability and Statistical Methods, Survey Sampling, Numerical Analysis, etc

This course plays a huge role in getting through the fields of risk assessment and management.Computer science and Mathematics are the two most important parts of the BSc Statistics course curriculum.The demand for BSc Statistics is growing rapidly and various national and international firms like Banks, Financial institutions, R&D firms, etc look for qualified graduates in this particular field.

The first year of the BSc Statistics Syllabus includes subjects like Analytical Solid Geometry, Probability & Statistics, etc. While in the second year, subjects like real analysis, Mechanics, Abstract Algebra, etc will be introduced.

Statistics is definitely a lucrative career option. In a business environment, where business is becoming more and more data oriented, people who have graduated with a degree in statistics are much sought after. From studies on the demographics of a country to study about the environment, statistics is an integral part of it. With a bachelor’s degree in Statistics, one can become a business analyst, research officer, data analyst or even an investigator.

Statisticians are also required in the government sector to work on studies and research on consumer prices, fluctuations in the economy, employment patterns, population trends, etc. Tests are being conducted almost every year at the Union Public Service Commission to recruit officers in the Indian Statistical Services.

B.Sc. Statistics or Bachelor of Science in Statistics is an undergraduate Statistics course. Statistics is the study of the collection, organization, and interpretation of data. It deals with all aspects of this, including the planning of data collection in terms of the design of surveys and experiments.

There is also a discipline called mathematical statistics, which is concerned with the theoretical basis of the subject. The duration of the course is three years and is an important career orienting in nature that opens many scopes for them. There are many colleges which are offering the course on their campuses in the country.

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