Product Design is an area of study which deals with imagining, creating and recapitulating products that resolve users’ problems or address specific needs in a given market. The key to creating a successful product configuration is only through understanding the need for the customer.

Product designer is just like an artist who has good technical knowledge. While formulating a new product, these professionals combine art, science, technology and computer applications and create new products that fit in the demand of a customer or organization. The need of people comes first for these individuals. One might need more than technical skills to excel in this area of specialization.

Since every product we come across in our daily lives consists of the use of some kind of products, product designers are at some point involved in designing and manufacturing of every product we use or buy or see around us. Therefore, they play an important role in the field of product and design.

Detailed information on the course study of product designing will be given below along with the eligibility criteria, course curriculum, the scope of the course, course subjects, job profiles, top recruiters, and average salary.

Once you have completed a Bachelor or Master’s degree in Product Design, there are a multitude of job prospects you can discover in both the public and private sector. Some of the key employment areas in the field include Manufacturing Sector, Medical Industry, Industrial Firms, Multinational Architectural Firms, Government Sector Organizations, etc.

Clothing / Textile Technologist, Colour Technologist, Interior and Spatial Designer, Purchasing Manager, Product Manager, Automotive Engineer, Advertising Art Director, Production Designer, Theatre / Television / Film are the career path prospects of B.Sc. Product design.

Product designing offers a wide range of career opportunities related to product design and manufacturing industries; therefore, it is tremendous in scope. Product designers are in huge demand by industries as they possess fresh ideas and skills to create innovative products and designs which work in a better and more efficient manner than an already existing one to make consumers interested in buying their products.

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