The course is designed to provide a solid foundation in Navigation, Mechanics, Cargo Work and Practical Seamanship & to impart a comprehensive foundation in the fundamental nautical sciences. The curriculum also focuses on the specialised knowledge of the theoretical and practical aspects with an emphasis on those skills and competencies that are required for Navigation, Cargo operations and Ship Maintenance & Operations.

The essence of the Nautical Science programme is to train students to become competent deck officers in the maritime environment, capable of managing navigational and cargo work duties.The training also includes the development of competency in verbal communication, safety culture in the maritime environment and important aspects of shipping. The cadets are inculcated with a sense of discipline, team spirit and the right attitude with a lot of physical and mental activities.

Candidates wishing to enroll in a B.Sc Nautical Science course are required to acquire several skill sets for a better understanding of concepts and principles involved in nautical science. It also enhances their training experience.

There are numerous career opportunities for candidates enrolled in B.Sc Nautical Science. The list of marine job opportunities is not limited. One can choose their area of interest to build a successful career in the same. The major career options include navigation officer, oceanographer, radio officer, port operations officer and deck operation manager.

Focused on the fundamentals of Physics, Mathematics and Information Technology, a BSc Nautical Science is inclined towards the practical and theoretical aspects of Nautical Technology with a keen focus over the competencies and as well as skills required for ship maintenance, navigation as well as cargo operations. There is a wide range of academic institutions and universities across the globe that offer degree and diploma courses in Nautical Science and Maritime Studies.

This unique programme will be the foundation and optimum training platform from which to start a rewarding career in the maritime industry.The academic and technical qualifications included in this degree complement each other and open up careers ashore or at sea.

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