Medical microbiology is both a branch of medicine and microbiology which deals with the study of microorganisms including bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites which are of medical importance and are capable of causing diseases in human beings.

This highly significant branch of medicine is exclusively concerned with studies on microorganisms [such as bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses] to discover effects of these on human and animals, in order to provide perfect treatment to diverse infectious diseases, and make certain clinical applications of microbes for improvement of health.

It includes the study of microbial pathogenesis and epidemiology and is related to the study of disease pathology and immunology. In the medical laboratory, these microbiologists also work in a sub-department dedicated to parasitology. The course is three years duration but it depends on the different institutes differently.

Successful completion of this bachelor’s degree course in medical microbiology can provide students quick employment as microbiology technicians, assistant microbiologists, medical research technicians or assistants, or assistants in the immunology or clinical microbiology laboratories.

The most common employment avenues will be private hospitals and clinics, pharmaceutical companies, governmental or philanthropic institutions related with health and medical research, veterinary hospitals, medical, schools or university-affiliated teaching hospitals, etc.

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