B.Sc. Geology

Geology teaches the students about the Earth and its science. The solid and liquid matter that comprises the Earth’s surface, the landforms, processes taking place in Earth’s crust, constituents, understanding the working of the Earth’s system, and history is studied in this specialization.

Geology has in itself a lot of job opportunities for the students, it’s a fun course, and the student’s life would become more exciting after pursuing this course. Firstly, it has job opportunities in the private as well as the public sector. The students can become geologists, oceanographers, seismologists, and palaeontologists.

Geology students are scientists who study how the atmosphere, oceans and continents have originated. This information helps the geologists understand climate changes and its consequences and why this happens.They also deal with the construction of bridges, buildings, roads, and railway tracks by assessing the areas for their suitability for construction.

The Geology course offers so many options for studying the Earth ahead. These may be environmental protection, oil exploration, mineral exploration, resource management, and so many more. The lives of these geologists will become very exciting after the course. They can wish to become geographers, geologists, oceanographers, and meteorologists. The geology graduate students can also work in universities, government companies and NGOs. They can work both on-field as well as off-field.

The students should have good observation skills. They should observe the land accurately and tell whether it contains natural resources or not. The samples collected and mapping areas should be well under the observation of the geologists.

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