BSc Geography allows you to study the natural processes of the Earth and examine human impact on the global environment – exploring a wide range of topics such as environmental pollution, ecology and environmental restoration, glacial and fluvial dynamics, long-term landscape evolution and climate change.

Skills for Geographers course is designed to support students as they begin exploring their future career paths, and what they need to get there. This includes practicing core and transferable skills and identifying areas of expertise.

Geography is the discipline that studies the soil and its lands and their highlights, inhabitants. BSc Geography focuses on India’s Geography, Physical Geography, Maps, Scales, Climate Data representation, Human Geography, etc. Admission of BSc Geography are advertised every year at various colleges of India.

B.Sc. Geography is a 3-year undergraduate course in the field of Geography, which is the science that involves the study of the Earth and its many lands, features, inhabitants, and phenomena, besides map and geographical imagery-interpretation.

The course involves the study of rocks, minerals, other solid substances, their compositions, their history and other processes involving them. This course is spread over 6 semesters and covers subjects like environmental science, earth science, mineral science, and the study of other natural resources.

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