Bharathiar University offers BSc Computer Science in distance education in
. BSc Computer Science, or B.Sc. CS is a 3 year undergraduate
program that deals with subjects and topics related to computer science,
computer application and its services. BSc Computer Science courses are
available in full time, online and remote mode

With the rapid growth of the information technology sector and the massive
development of software and computer related technology, the number of BSc Computer Science enthusiasts has greatly increased. The main objective of the project is to create quality professionals and research partners who can work in every field in the world by implementing Bharathiar University College of Distance Education, B.Sc.

The technical implementation of computer and computer systems is the main
agenda of the degree. Three-year undergraduate students learn various
periodicals, practical sessions and theoretical foundations of the computer.
Bharathiar University College of Distance Education, B.Sc.

As technological advances spread widely, the demand for computer specialists
is increasing. At various institutions, this course is also available as a part-
time, correspondence and dual degree. Bharathiar University College of
Distance Education, B.Sc. Computer Science, Coimbatore, can pursue this
course as an alternative to B.Tech in Computer Science. B.Sc. in Computer
Science is a three-year undergraduate degree course that deals with the
principles and applications of the computer.

Focusing on BSc computing methods, programming and database in computer
science puts students to work with many IT and software companies.

Bharathiar University College of BSc Computer Science Distance Education in
Students during the three-year programme study wide range of
subjects such as operating system, number system and codes, control
structures, arrays, and functions. 

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