Bachelor of Science Aeronautical Science commonly referred as BSc Aeronautical Science is a graduation degree of 3 years duration. It is a specialization degree having a spotlight on the laws of motion, air and objects in Air Space.

Its main focal point relies upon blending the engineering concepts along with aeronautical science and aviation concepts. Knowledge regarding the working, maintenance, designing and development of aircrafts such as airplanes, rockets, missiles and even drones is distributed in the overall course duration.

BSc aeronautical science professionals are not imbibed to have a restricted demand only in domestic flight and operations but also can try their hand in defense as well as research science sectors.

B.Sc. Aeronautics is a branch of science that involves the study, design, manufacturing and operating machines that are capable of air flight. A course like BSc Aeronautics is an undergraduate program that deals with the in-depth study of the mechanics, operations and designing of an aircraft. If you’re interested in flying, studying the theoretical and practical details behind the functioning of an aircraft then you should probably opt for a course like BSc Aeronautics. You should be good in areas like mathematics and physics, calculus plays an important role in studying this course.

You should be aware of the key subjects of physics like projectile motion, aerodynamics and thermodynamics in order to ease your way into the course. Aeronautics is different from aviation, aeronautics include lighter than aircraft and ballistics vehicles as well whereas aviation does not deal with these areas of study. This course does not limit itself to operating an aircraft, it also includes the theoretical aspect, management, and techniques involved in developing an aircraft.

B.Sc aeronautical science course curriculum is designed to maintain a deliberate balance of skills in mathematics, physics, communications, business and aeronautics. Students having an interest in avionics are benefitted by imparting skills for manufacturing and development of aircraft and missiles.

Aspirants broaden their knowledge in the below given sectors so as to ensure and acknowledge the wider conceptual effects of science as a profession in the Research sector, Design sector and Development and maintenance sector.The curriculum marks upgraded expertise in subjects of mathematics, physics, communications, business and aeronautics with an inclusion of FAA certification as a multi-engine instrument-rated commercial pilot.

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