B.A Tourism

B.A. Tourism Studies or Bachelor of Arts in Tourism Studies is an undergraduate Travel and Tourism course. Tourism Studies includes the study of tourism management, tourism development, tourism marketing, transportation industry, hotel management, etc.

The course has great value and importance in today’s time as tourism became the hub of the economic development of every country. Graduates of this course find a lot of jobs both in India and outside it. For teaching purposes, they can go for a Master’s degree.

Bachelor of Arts in Tourism Management programs are generally well-prepared for work across a broad variety of tourism-related disciplines around the globe. Not only are graduates typically able to find work virtually anywhere they choose, but they are also able to apply for more complex, better-paying positions than those without degrees.

There is no set cost for obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in Tourism Management. The cost of such a program varies based on a number of factors, such as the length of the program and the school and country through which it is offered
Students who successfully complete tourism management programs are well-equipped for work in a wide array of management and administrative positions around the globe. In addition to assuming commercial and entrepreneurial positions, graduates often go on to work in restaurants, hotels and resorts, travel agencies, retail organizations and tour companies.

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