B.A. Rural Development or Bachelor of Arts in Rural Development is an undergraduate rural development and management course. Rural Development in India is one of the most important factors for the growth of the Indian economy. India is primarily an agriculture-based country. Agriculture contributes nearly one-fifth of the gross domestic product in India.

B.A. Rural Development is a bachelor level course in rural development and management with a duration of three years. For the growth of the Indian economy Rural Development in India is one of the most important factors. To improve the standard of living in non-Urban countryside, neighborhoods, and remote villages, to denote the actions and initiatives taken, a Rural development course is used. Many jobs are opened for candidates after completing the course.

As there are many jobs for rural management professionals such as planning systematic development of the region; so, it creates many job scopes for them. Secondly, as the persons are employed for collecting necessary data on topics like illiteracy rate, nourishment rate, development of women and socially relevant information. These data are further classified into broader heads and many plans done accordingly. Therefore, they have a lot of career scope for them.

India is a country with many villages, most of the villages are having poor-socio economic conditions, and the government of India is taking every step to develop the economic condition of people living in rural areas. Therefore, a government of India engages in different rural development activities and to ensure rural employment, the government is running several schemes.

To increase the growth of agriculture, the Government has planned several programs about Rural Development in India. Rural development course, in general, is used to denote the actions and initiatives taken to improve the standard of living in non-Urban neighborhoods, countryside, and remote villages.

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