BA Public Relations course is a 3-year undergraduate program for students eager to learn how to develop business relations, create a market image, and communicate with the media. Students after class 12 from any stream and minimum qualifying marks can pursue BA public relations course. After BA public relations course, candidates are eligible to pursue a master’s in public relations or work as a Market Research Analyst, Public Relation Specialist, Public Relations, and Fundraising Manager.

The goal of the Public Relations major is to help students understand public relations is an ongoing communication and relational process, not a position. Viewed this way, public relations requires responsible, thoughtful reflection and action from all levels of organizations, not just those in leadership positions. This approach requires competencies of self-awareness, oral and written communication skills, ethical decision-making and action, and the ability to understand audiences’ needs, wants and desires, and generate mutual win-win scenarios using a variety of communication tools to generate a vision and lead with, through, and for others to bring about positive change.

BA public relations course is known for its varied job prospects and career opportunities. Market Researcher, PR relations manager, Market Coordinator, Market Spokesperson are some of the interesting and untraditional job opportunities you can look after BA public relations course.

This program will build both knowledge and skills for students to understand true public relations, e.g., “relating” to publics through building a meaningful two-way continuous dialogue built on mutual trust and respect, and be able to effectively formulate a position and influence and empower others. They will be able to use the knowledge gained from this program to bridge the divide between the theoretical and practical application in the organizations they work in (for-profit, non-profit, government and non-government organizations) and industries and the communities they serve.

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