B.A. Public Administration or Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration is a three-year undergraduate course. This course comprises the study of various theories of administration, public organizations, public services, and the constitutional framework.

Normally, BA Public Administration course deals with the teaching and understanding of values like secularism, equality, law, order, and justice. Also, the B.A Public Administration graduates have various job opportunities such as Public Relations and Fundraising Manager, Corporate Operations Manager, Administrative Officer, Business Consultants, and Social Worker.

In particular, B.A Public Administration course aims to impart students with the knowledge of public organizations, constitutional framework, formulation of public policies, and their implementation. During the coursework, students get to learn about programs and policies brought forward by governments across the globe and how they were formed and implemented.

Moreover, B.A Public administration program train students for starting their careers in public service. Similarly, B.A Public Administration student takes courses in government, business, and nonprofit management. BA Public Administration makes use of instructional material, special instructional methodology, and learning-teaching assistive devices of this type that make it easier for the students to grasp the concept of rules and regulations.

Students interested in public service careers related to finance, public health, emergency management, and nonprofit management can benefit from BA Public Administration program. Do contact us to know interesting educational facts.

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