B.A Political science

BA Political Science or Bachelor of Arts in Political Science is a 3-year undergraduate program. The course involves the study of both national and international political systems. During the course, students are taught historical and modern political systems, public administration, governmental policies and procedures, international relations, and public affairs.

BA Political Science syllabus provides students an opportunity to explore different dimensions of political science like theory and practice of politics and description and analysis of political system and political behavior.The course is not just concerned with current political methods, but also encompasses the history of political development and various political revolutions across the world.

BA Political Science revolves around the various concepts related to politics. The course as a whole touches the various systems of governance, economics, sociology, international relations, global politics, psychology, etc. The course as a whole revolves around the study of government. It helps the students discover the essential decision-making part of society and the social, economic, and other institutions and practices that influence this decision-making process.

The course imparts in-depth knowledge about the various dimensions of political science like the study of government, law & order, socio-economic practices, etc..

The course gives an idea about how a government functions and teaches how to interpret and analyze political systems. This course is ideal for students who have an interest in politics and in learning about the administrative aspects of a country.

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