BA Philosophy is a three-year-long undergraduate course that deals with the study of fundamental questions about life, reason, and existence. The course offers many job opportunities to students. Some of the job roles graduates can start upon completion of BA in Philosophy are Executive Assistant, Senior Research Analyst, Linux System Administrator, Content Writer, Executive Secretary, Regional Director, Data Center Technician, Senior Technical Consultant, Social Worker, etc.

BA philosophy prepares students for graduate study in philosophy and related fields, including religion and law. BA philosophy programs require general education coursework in addition to major coursework. Usual courses required for a philosophy major include namely- Ancient and modern philosophy, Moral and political philosophy, Logic, Ethics, Epistemology, Metaphysics.

You will learn to reason rigorously, communicate with clarity, and critically engage with complex texts. We hope that you will be able to find creative solutions to complex problems, and learn to speak with people from different backgrounds, socially and ideologically, through seminars, field trips and discussions.

BA Philosophy presents students with a lot of career opportunities and options. BA Philosophy acts as a basis for attaining specializations in particular subjects. After successfully completing the degree course, many BA Philosophy job opportunities open up in various fields namely- Diplomat, Ethics Advisor, Social worker, Consultant, and so on.

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