Bachelor of Arts musical course[BA] (Music Vocal) is a 3 year undergraduate full-time musical course, eligibility to which is 10+2 or an equivalent examination from recognized university.BA Music Vocal course introduces music notation and basic music theory such as keys, scales, intervals, and chords as well as the basic rhythmic skills. This course also focuses on developing musical ability through rhythm and understanding music theory, sight singing and ear training exercises.

This course also teaches basic voicings, voice leading, basic chord substitution, and appropriate accompaniment. This course also provides lectures and learning sessions on the most significant works of music realized through the electronic devices and computers from the middle of the century.

Graduates in the music field have many options and they can choose to work in a range of professions inside or outside of music. If they choose to follow a music career, they may get opportunities in several roles with different areas and they may also work as freelancers and contract basis workers.

Jobs directly related to this course and graduates may work as a music therapist, musician, private music teacher, secondary school teacher, sound technician, arts administrator, broadcast engineer, event manager, radio producer, theatre stage manager, PPC specialist, etc.
Advance study.

Students can pursue Masters in Music which leads to improving their knowledge and skills and can go for further study. They can choose any one of specialization such as direction, performance, instrumental or vocal teaching.

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