B.A Journalism and mass communication is a three-year undergraduate course aimed at providing holistic knowledge at theoretical as well as the practical levels to the students. The extensive course is designed to offer comprehensive fundamental training in ten different fields of mass communication.

BA Journalism and Mass Communication is a 3-year bachelor’s degree program which focuses on the varied aspects of Mass Media and Journalism and imparts students with the theoretical and practical understanding of different forms of media as well as the skills and knowledge needed for a career in Journalism.

These fields include Print Journalism, Television and Radio Production, Advertising and Public Relations, Event Management, Social Media, and Film Studies. The focus of the course is to nurture socially responsible media professionals, backed with the latest inputs from industry, well-trained faculty along with state of art infrastructure.

BA in Journalism and Mass Communication is generally offered as a three-year undergraduate program. It aims to impart students with the understanding of how the media industry operates as well as trains them for varied types of Journalism as well as mass communication careers. Further, its essential focus lies in equipping students with the application of a wide range of tools for gathering, transmitting and delivering information to the masses. At the completion of this degree program, one can explore a multitude of opportunities in News and Broadcast Media, Publishing Houses, Advertising, Communications, amongst others.

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