BA Home Science or Bachelor of Arts in Home Science is a 3-year undergraduate programme. The course is offered by various universities and colleges in India. The duration of the course may vary in some colleges/universities. The basic eligibility criteria for pursuing this course is that the student should have cleared their senior secondary examination.

Home Science offers students information on various topics pertaining to different industries. The common ones are Resource Development, Human Resource Management, Textiles and Clothing, Education, Hospitality, etc.

The distance mode is the right decision for this course because it includes the general theory subject to study for three years. Students get the job in various Employment areas such as Hospitals, Hotels, Manufacturing Industries, Textile Businesses, Tourist Resorts, Food Industry, Commercial Restaurants, Cafeterias, Fashion Journalism, Dressmaking Shops, Apparel Merchandising Companies, Community Development Programs, Fashion Designing Companies, Consultancy, and Counselling Centres, etc.

It is interesting to study the science of everyday life and specifically in our households that include human development, nutrients in a specific food, food and nutrition, etc. under the branch of science, that is called Home Science. This branch was quite popular during the initial years of this century, and once again, this field has gained importance because of its frequent usage in everyday life.

This course benefits students as they study the basic fundamentals of lifestyle, family management, house management, etc. They get opportunities like becoming a Chef, Dietician, Health Trainer, Lifestyle Manager, etc.

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