BA in Economics or Bachelor of Arts in Economics is a 3-year undergraduate degree course that deals with the main areas of qualitative and quantitative economic theories. The students pursuing the BA in Economics have many job opportunities in India and abroad. The BA in Economics subjects in this course deal with various focal points of economics, contemporary issues, and problems and techniques to tackle them effectively.

This BA in Economics degree course details assignments, lectures, examinations, and seminars. The BA in Economics course has a vast job scope in almost every private and public sector of various reputed organizations with job responsibilities concerned with healthcare and science.

The syllabus and subjects for the BA in Economics course are structured in such a way so that the students get a better understanding of different subjects of the course, which are essential for them to generate their knowledge in various courses ahead.

BA in Economics course is for those students who wish to join the Indian Economic Service and Reserve Bank of India, which are excellent options open to those who want to join government services after it. This BA in Economics course will provide them with adequate knowledge to become graduates in the BA Economics jobs like the Ministry of Economic Affairs, National Sample Survey, and other departments that need specialists in economics. This degree course enables the students to go into various commerce and banking-related jobs.

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