B.A. Drawing and Painting is a Bachelor Level course in Drawing and Painting. By the texture of a material we can identify whether it is glass smooth and slick, sand is gritty and fine. Part of painting and drawing is the addition of texture, whether the piece is realistic or abstract.

The course highlights the visual textures that can be created to look like real textures, two-dimensional works of art; texture gives a visual sense of how an object would feel in real life. In this field candidates will get jobs related to book publishers, video industry, magazine or periodicals, computer system design and many other related work.

B.A. Drawing and Painting or Bachelor of Arts in Drawing and Painting is an undergraduate Drawing and Painting course. Part of painting and drawing is the addition of texture, whether the piece is realistic or abstract. There are various kinds of textures in art and design. Actual or real textures are those that can be touched such as the smooth surface of a metal sculpture or the spiky surface of a cactus.

Students who have good knowledge of painting, drawing and want to cooperate in preserving the Indian cultural heritage are the most suitable ones.Second, those who want to become a drawing and painting teacher. So first they will have to have a graduation degree rather than post-graduation.You should be well aware of the different shades of colors and the methods that help in mixing them. You must have good communication and language skills to present your work.

Benefits of a BA in Painting include a greater understanding of and appreciation for art, as well as improved technical skills and painting ability. Students may be able to boost important life skills such as critical thinking and problem solving. In addition, having a bachelor’s degree provides an advantage in today’s highly competitive job market.

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