Defence Studies deals with the education of military systems and national security. The course is crafted to understand the strategies and defence management among the civilians of a country. The course is for the students who are willing to serve our nation in various defence forms. It covers the study of Geopolitics, Military Geography, Defence Economics, Nuclear policies etc. It also includes domestic and strategic challenges to our national defence and security interests.

Bachelor of Arts (B.A) in Defence & Strategic Studies is an undergraduate course that covers all the domestic and strategic issues that influence our defense management strategies. This study helps the candidate to understand Conflict Management and resolution, international law and Relations, Geopolitics and Military, nuclear deals and policies, Science and Technology, etc.

The Bachelor of Arts in Defence & Strategic Studies is a 3-years undergraduate course designed for students who are potentially interested in serving the nation in defense services.
BA Defence and Strategic Studies is structured in a way to make the students understand all about nuclear policies, Defence Economics, military Geography, etc. On completion of BA Defence and Strategic Studies, the students are exposed to the various defense management strategies prevailing in the country.

The admission to B.A. degree in Defence and Strategic Studies takes place in the early summer or spring of every academic year. The information about the admission process can be obtained by the official website of the respective college or institute the candidate is interested to study.

The course aims to promote the development of military education and national security among the students. Ample job opportunities are available at Indian army, Air Force, Education corps, defence journalism, Civil services and Public Service Commission.

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