If you’re looking to work in television, study human interaction, or even just persuade a friend to do something, communication studies may be the major for you. Our majors graduate with critical thinking and an acute understanding of electronic media and interpersonal interaction.

The Department emphasizes two areas of study, Interpersonal Communication and Public Communication. The program promotes the growth of and knowledge about communication and its uses to achieve individual, group, and societal goals. Students explore the functions, processes, channels, and influences of communication. They work to acquire proficiency in critical analysis, social scientific and humanistic research methods, argumentation, and oral written presentation.

Professional application of the communication studies major is broad, as communication is vital to our everyday interactions. Communication studies graduates go on to career areas that span media, marketing, public relations, non-profit administration, public advocacy, and beyond. Popular graduate school paths include law programs, counseling, social work, and graduate school for communication studies.

The value of good communication springs from the Creator and flows through all of life. It is essential to harmonious human relationships and just societies. It is fundamental to democracy and vital to peace across the world’s diverse cultures. Scientific studies even reveal a direct connection between the quality of your communication and the quality of your life — socially, emotionally and physically.

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