Archaeology is the study of human activity through the recovery and analysis of material culture. It is a branch of social science and humanities. It is a broad field and consists of many allied sectors. The main aim of this branch is to study about prehistoric societies. It helps document changes that occurred in human societies, understand culture history and obtain insights into the past lifestyle and practices.

Archaeology is the study of the ancient, and the recent past of humans through material remains. Archaeology is often considered as the branch of socio-cultural anthropology.

The course in Archaeology helps you to focus on how to uncover, interpret, and preserve the material human history. You get the chance to discover new facts about the human past and also insights about famous objects and stories. The course offers different job opportunities in the field of Archaeologist, Officer, instructors, and many other interesting job opportunities which help you in exploring the field.

Archaeologists study human history and prehistory through the recovery and study of material evidence. Material evidence may consist of artifacts, architecture, biofacts and cultural landscapes.After collecting data and material evidence, an archaeologist analyzes it. After a detailed study of the data and material, he/she creates an archaeological record.

In simple words, Archaeology is the scientific study of historic or prehistoric people and their cultures by analysing their artefacts, monuments, and other special remains, especially those who are excavated.

The main motive of Archaeology is to study and understand how and why the behaviour of humans has changed over time. They search for patterns in the evolution of significant cultural events and also the reason why these events have occurred. Archaeology helps us to understand history through the use of material objects.

Archaeology is the field that has many goals right from understanding about the cultural history to reconstructing the past lifeways and then documenting and doing the said changes in human societies with time. The professionals in Archaeology can work in multiple organisations which undertake a broad selection of tasks.

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