B.A. Ancient History
B.A. Ancient History

B.A. Ancient History is a three years duration course that focuses on the study of the written past from the beginning of recorded human history to the Middle Ages. After completing this course, there are a lot of career opportunities available for students.

Especially, B.A Ancient History graduate can obtain jobs with the defense services, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. Also, they can find jobs in many privates as well as public firms. Another bright area is the educational field, which is evergreen both in the public and private sectors.

B.A Ancient History course offers you the opportunity to study a diverse range of periods, countries, and cultures to suit your interests. Likewise, you will explore ancient cultures in a supportive academic environment where you will have access to an exceptional range of expertise and resources. In your second year, with financial support from the University.

After successfully completing BA Ancient History course, you can also go for further higher degrees such as Masters and then for further research studies. Students can also go for jobs in areas such as secondary and tertiary education, business and commerce, government departments, the media, and public and private sectors in the arts and culture.

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