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With unsurpassed standards in the domestic and International Students recruitments, SPIMS has now expanded into the field of online education across India and abroad. SPIMS has launched its own recruitment portal in the market after seeing the untapped potential of the existing online programmes and the numerous chances presented by the programmes on the market. With the support of SPIMS, students can study Banking and Finance Diploma, Logistic Diploma Moreover it holds 7 high valid IIP certifications making it highly extensive, potential and the most effective skill Sets in the Industry. So, whether you are a budding job seeker or a student with the desire to forge your own destiny and would like to learn from a reputable institution, SPIMS is in the picture.

SPIMS offers complete undergraduate, graduate, paramedical, management, arts, science, engineering, and Ph.D. programmes. Programs like B.Ed., LLB, LLM, and M.Ed. are also guided by Sree Pashmi. SPIMS is the place to go if a student wishes to obtain a top-notch UG or PG degree at a reasonable cost that is accredited by the UGC, NAAC, and AICTE. It has a long history in the field and a solid reputation. We have more than 50 highly qualified, highly experienced faculty members who are mentoring the students by providing the best online educational aid while paying close attention to project, internal, and external guidance.

SPIMS has an unique HRD team that provides free counseling and guidance for the Students who are experiencing the most astonishing change if you would want to make more than 1 lakh pay per month. Its current pupils have been trained by SPIMS to earn up to 5 lakh each month, and SPIMS has countless success stories available.

SPIMS is the best option for anyone seeking transformation or advancement and who wants to succeed by understanding that education is the key to success and that receiving proper training and direction leads to true metamorphosis.

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With thousands of programs to offer , we offer extensive coaching and guidance . More than 150 admission counselors work in the Institution to guide the students . Academic team comprises well Qualified Faculties of more than 40 Staff . Majority of them are PhD and MPhil who are oriented to expertise and specialization In the Industry for more than 15 plus years. A wide array of support systems backed up great technology and care that are highly trustworthy and genuine.

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The best form of empowerment is education. Real transformation is achieved via education. Providing more than 2 Crore youth with a valid PG degree, building a strong foundation through which a mass generation is upgraded, and helping them achieve all of their financial and professional aspirations.
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