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Having created unsurpassed standards in the domestic and International Students recruitments, SPIMS has now expanded into Online Education throughout India and Overseas. Realizing the untapped potential of the available Online Programs and the wide opportunities the programs offer in the market, SPIMS has entered into the market with its own recruitment portal. Students through Spims are getting supported with Banking and Finance Diplomas, Logistic Diplomas and additional 7 High Valid certifications which render highly extensive, potential add on skill sets most wanted in the industry. These programs are called as IIP Programs which is the Brainchild of Sree Pashmi. So whether you are a budding Jobseeker or a Student who has the thirst to create the best destiny on your own and thereby would like to learn through a reputed Institution, there Spims is inside the picture. 


If you would like to earn more than 1 lakh salary per month, Spims has an exclusive HRD team which offers free counselling and guidance. Also, student can enjoy the most remarkable transformation and Spims has guided its valid students to reach up to 5 lakh salary per month and plenty and plenty of success stories are available with Spims.

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